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What is Democracy?

Bernard Edirisinghe It is important to study what is meant by democracy due to several reasons. Detachment of youth and youngsters from active politics, citizens choosing corrupted and uneducated representatives through elections can bring long-term damages to democracy in a country. Democracy
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What is Authoritarian Politics?

Bernard  Edirisinghe There is a popular belief about the characteristics of a democratic political system. Among them are pluralism, dissent, gender equality, civil society space, media freedom, the rule of law, devolution of power, and the integrity of rulers. The Verities of Democracy 2020 annual report states that these traits are now being eroded from the
freedom of expression

An Election that Created a New Propensity of Breaking the Traditional Power Exchange between Two Major Parties

Kamani Hettirarachchi A general election is held to appoint representatives to rule a country for a certain time period. According to the Sri Lankan constitution the representatives who are appointed from an election can rule the country for 5 years. Sri Lanka People’s Front which competed under the symbol of a lotus bud has achieved […]