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Transparency and corruption in public service

Did we pay for the first 500,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine received from India!?

K. Prasanna Vaccination programmes for the general public have been intensified as the vaccine is considered to be the only solution to protect against the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world. Vaccine rollout in Sri Lanka was launched on 29th January 2021. Vaccines such as Oxford AstraZeneca from India, Sinopharm from China, Sputnik-V […]
Transparency and corruption in public service

An Order From the Information Commission to the Police Against Withholding Information

Rahul Samantha Hettiarachchi In Sri Lanka, many public authorities inadvertently block the public’s right to information guaranteed by the Right to Information Act. Therefore, the right to information, a hallmark of a democratic society, is under serious threat. Integrity, which is dependent on the efficiency of a country’s public authorities, is a distinctive
Transparency and corruption in public service

The Transparency and Prioritization of the Covid Vaccine Rollout

Skandha Gunasekara The transparency and prioritization of the Government’s Covid-19 vaccine inoculation program have been called into question by many quarters, including professional medical bodies and international watchdog organizations, voicing their concerns.  The National Advisory Committee on Communicable Diseases (NACCD), which also acts as the National