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Is it possible to create a Drug-free future?

M.S.M. Mumtaz Drugs are one of the main causes of violence in society. It is also about misleading young people. A healthy society can only be created by eliminating drugs. But as drug use is systematically passed on to young people, eliminating it can be a challenge. If we do not face this challenge now, […]
Peace and Reconciliation

Media Activism and the Conflict in Sri Lanka

Sunil Jayasekara In examining the 30-year conflict that ravaged Sri Lanka, it is instructive to probe into and explore its impact on media institutions and journalism. In 1948, Sri Lanka was granted independence on a multicultural platform.  At the time, only the Kandyan Highland had demanded a separate administration. By contrast, Tamils and Muslims acquiesced […]
Right to Information Transparency and corruption in public service

Rs.720 Million Unresolved Elephant-Human Conflict

Rahul Samantha Hettiarachchi According to information obtained from the Department of Wildlife under the Right to Information Act, Rs.722 million worth of firecrackers (6,468,750 individual crackers) were distributed from 2014 to 2020 to stem the human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka’s human-elephant conflict is mainly derived from habitat loss for wild
Right to Information Transparency and corruption in public service

An Order From the Information Commission to the Police Against Withholding Information

Rahul Samantha Hettiarachchi In Sri Lanka, many public authorities inadvertently block the public’s right to information guaranteed by the Right to Information Act. Therefore, the right to information, a hallmark of a democratic society, is under serious threat. Integrity, which is dependent on the efficiency of a country’s public authorities, is a distinctive