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BIO FENCES: The Best Strategy for the Human-Elephant Conflict

R.Surenthiran Kanapathippillai Santhiru from 40th Vattai Village in Manmunai South-West  Batticaloa says he spent about four months on the watchtower built on treetops to protect his crops. People of this village who cultivate two crops annually are struggling to protect their crops from elephants.  They chase away the elephants that come in the nights by […]

Deforestation, Government and Circulars

Aruna Lakshman Fernando Environmental damage became the top priority in local news in Sri Lanka, surpassing the skyrocketing cost of living and the pandemic. The government is directly blamed for the environmental damages. The allegations have become such a burden that government Ministers and MPs lament even in funeral orations that the government is not […]

Oxygen : The Ultimate Lifesaver

Kamanthi Wickramasinghe The COVID-19 pandemic has tightened its grip on neighboring India and many citizens keep succumbing to the deadly virus due to the lack of medical oxygen. Latest reports state that more people are in need of medical oxygen due to shortness of breath but oxygen supplies are running out. With more states imposing […]