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The Question of the Future of the Keeramalai Presidential Palace

N. Madiyalagan During the civil conflict in Sri Lanka’s north, lands in the Naguleswaram area in Walikamam North of the Jaffna peninsula were taken over by the military. On this land, in the J/226 Naguleswaram village officer division, a five-story presidential palace was built by the Mahinda Rajapaksa administration in 2012. 12 years after the […]

Vaccine for mother

 Sudarshini Muthulingam We keep turning the pages of a book, wondering if there is an answer anywhere, but time tells us that it’s a book without an answer. We have been suffering from Corona for over a year and a half and have been traveling through the tribulations to this day. They have discovered the […]
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Work from Home and the Pain of Women

Haya Arwa The impact of the coronavirus in Sri Lanka, including the frequent imposition of travel bans and lockdowns by the government has caused various changes and impacts on the lives of citizens. Both public and private sector employees and school children have been pushed into new life experiences and vulnerabilities. With the “Work from […]

Protection from Diseases and Hunger?

Arulkarkki Kumar is a construction worker from  Bandarawela town. He is a father of 3, and his wife is a plantation worker. They earned a sufficient income to upkeep the family until travel restrictions were imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  “Now, I cannot go to the town for work. I could not find […]

“Have money to drink, but not for household expenses?”

Vivek (M.Vivekanandan) The media reported that over 150 people were admitted to the Colombo National Hospital due to domestic violence increasing in their homes while in isolation to control the spread of corona. This is a major problem not only in Sri Lanka but globally. Women are generally the most vulnerable to domestic violence. The […]

Corona has Proven that Home is Your World

Banu Karathikesu There is a saying that home is the whole world for women, whereas men think the world is their home. However, the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world topsy turvy, and men too had to be contained at home for lengthy periods, making home their world too.  Meanwhile, technology brought lessons, lectures, meetings, conferences, […]