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Between Development Plans: Sri Lanka’s Plantation Sector and Its Persistent Issues

Malliyappuchandi Thilakar The definition of what constitutes Sri Lanka’s Upcountry is broad and vague. Officially, the census records the Upcountry Indian Tamils as being 4.8% of Sri Lanka’s population while the “unofficial” statistic suggests this to be 8%. They live in high density in some districts while in others their settlements are more scattered and […]
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The Thousand Rupee Demand & the Reality: The Prospects of Plantation Workers

Malliyappusandi Thilakan Since 2015, the plantation workers of Sri Lanka have been demanding a daily pay hike up to Rs.     1,000, and it seems they have finally achieved it. The government ordered plantation companies to increase the salary up to Rs. 900 and further Rs. 100 as overtime.   The plantation companies have taken […]
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Garment Factories: Fueled by Exploitation and Gender Discrimination

Kamanthi Wickramasinghe  Long working hours sans lunch breaks or intermittent rests to meet an overwhelming number of targets in a largely unfriendly working environment sums up what a garment factory worker goes through on a daily basis. But this is just a fraction of the larger picture. Even though the Asia-Pacific region is known as […]