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Will the media responsibility get suppressed by competition?

A newspaper is a medium among media that cannot be done without by readers. A journalist performs a significant service to take the situation productively. But when examined newspapers today it is doubtful whether a journalist performs his duties with responsibility.

A journalist should be able to build credibility in reporting through accuracy, balance, and clarity. A journalist will be able to report with responsibility to society if the journalist follows this process. The country and its people can be taken to prosperity through media reporting but destructive reporting can drag down the country and people into chaos.

Detecting drugs in Lanka like handing over chickens to foxes. ( Sathi Aga Aruna 2020.10.04)

There is a major competition in news today. One newspaper tries to give the news to the readers before another newspaper gives the news to the readers. Readers are also waiting impatiently to read new news. On the other hand, newspapers have been invaded by electronic media. Newspapers have to face stiff competition to protect their place with the arrival at the beginning of radio then television and now by the internet and social media.

Under such a situation it is visible that journalists in newspapers working while neglecting their duties and responsibilities.

Your new mobile telephone may not function from this month. (Sathi Aga Aruna 2020.10.04)

A journalist should have a high level of competency for successful media work amid competitive newspaper reporting. A journalist should understand that with the deterioration of his skills, the deterioration of his news begins. Laws and code of ethics are two good arms that provide protection to a journalist. But these are weapons with sharp edges on either side. If used properly it provides protection to the journalist but if used improperly it can create problems for the journalist. Therefore a journalist should protect laws and code of ethics as his own eyes.

There are certain limits that have to be taken into account before writing news found by a journalist. There are certain values, conventions, institutions, and individuals accepted by society. One should refrain from writing news that opposes and attack them and shake them. If a journalist gets news relevant to such limits he should be responsible to write news without breaking those limits.

A kilogram of Tiger bad luck meat is 3500 rupees. (Sathi Aga Aruna 2020.10.04)

A journalist should have a responsibility for his report. It is a responsibility of a journalist to publish impartial news on various problems allowing people to take decisions they like. He should not use his responsibility to use for his narrow gains and for anti-social activities. Action should be taken to safeguard the fundamental rights given by the constitution to the people to express their views. A journalist should have a proper understanding of the groups who try to violate these rights. A journalist should not become partial to various groups. He should not mix his aims with the aims of others. He must not do anything that harms his impartiality. By that, the excellence of journalism and the peoples’ right to information will be protected.

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