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Infertility Pills and Dhammika Syrap

Sampath Deshapriya

The syrup produced by Mr. Dhammika Bandara to treat Covid19 patients has become a current topic in the field of Sri Lankan politics. It is said that Dhammika Bandara has produced this syrup using the ingredients that the God Kali hasrevealedby appearing in front of him. However this syrup does not become just another medicine for Covid 19, because it can be identifies as a bait that have been nurtured by certain extremist political systems in Sri Lanka for many decades. Thus it can be claimed as a virus which is more dangerous than the Covid 19 produced by the nationalist mythical political system in Sri Lanka. Therefore, it is a responsibility of the knowledgeable citizens in the country to discuss the matter with proper concentration.

Covid 19 does not mean just another pandemic but it has now become the reason for numerous social, political and economic problems all over the world. Many social, political and economical problems have risen in Sri Lankan society due to Covid 19 pandemic. The prevailing government is trying hard to win the challenge of Covid 19 using various strategies. In a situation where the whole world is trying to defeat covid 19 through scientific strategies, the Dhammika Syrup produced in Sri Lanka is not a co incidence. It can be proven by analysing the situation which was created when Mr. Dhammika Dhanapala visited the chief priest of the Atamastana temple.

When the chief priest has acted as a responsible Buddhist monk at the situation, it is important to analyse how Dr. Nalin De Silva who is a pioneer of Sri Lankan nationalist political stream defines the same situation. He says; “I have got to know that Mr. Dhammika has been treating the chief priest at the Atamasthana temple for about two decades. The priest is aware that the doctor gets his knowledge from the God Kali. Therefore, the chief priest calls the doctor “meni” (a Sinhalese word which means mother with respect). That is the reason why the doctor says ‘I’m your meni’ at their discussion.” He also mentions that there are several harmful influences to Sri Lankan indigenous medicine. Moreover Rv. Athuraliye Rathana, a member of Ape Jana Bala Pakshaya mentions that the person who produces the medicine is not a problem if it works to defeat the pandemic. According to him, the medicine should be undoubtedly prescribed if it has the power of killing the virus. This syrup has not yet been approved by the Ayurwedic Medical Council in Sri Lanka. Moreover, it has not yet been recommended by the western medicine authorities through their clinical trials. But Dr. Dhammika was succeeded in making several politicians in the country including the minister of health to consume his medicine. He has clearly been engaged in marketing himself through this action. At the same time, several media channels which support the authoritative nationalist political system in Sri Lanka have taken the duty of marketing this new syrup. When the prevailing political system fails to manage the problems and disputes they face, they try to secure their good name by pushing the society towards mythical beliefs. This is an age old trick of almost all the political authorities. 

It is important to look back at the history. The priest in Dolukanda who turned rivers and lakes into sacred water was admitted to a government hospital when he was sick. Another recent example that shows the close relationship between media and myths is the incident related to infertility pills. Moreover, a Muslim doctor was charged for making Sinhalese women infertile through surgeries. In that incident, the tests that were supposed to be done by a gynaecologist professor were conducted by a dentist with the guidance of the political authority. The story of infertility pill developed into infertility koththu and ended up in infertility underwear. There have been several organized movements to break Muslim movements. The pioneers behind all these action are not a secret to the country. Some specialist doctors and media authorities took actions against this. Therefore the virus which had been spreading against the whole Muslim community was controlled. 

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, socializing these myths is not a coincidence. It is a situation created by the nationalist political system in the country. According to their system, they always need an ethnic enemy. We had a Tamil enemy in past. After the defeat of LTTE in 2009, the political concept of Tamil enemy was dissolved. After that, several Sinhalese nationalist organizations took over creating a new Muslim enemy. Infertility pills and infertility surgeries were sub products of such movements. Some extremists in Tamil and Muslim communities are also engaged in creating the background for such enmity in the society because the racists of all the communities depend on each other. Some international organizations of Muslim extremists have created the back ground to create Muslim enemies and to spread them all around the world in international level. The most recent complaint towards the Muslim community is that a Muslim person is purposefully working as a carrier of Covid 19 in the country. 

There is a tendency of Muslim people in Colombo and other suburbs trying to live as a different group apart from the normal citizens. It is a normal condition to spread a virus quickly in a place where many people live together with less space. All the low income owners in Colombo suburbs are currently facing the same conflict at the face of Covid 19 pandemic irrespective of their nationality. However, the concept that the Muslim community is engaged in making the Sinhalese community infertile is registered in the Sinhalese brains, they imagine that the same thing can happen during this pandemic situation too. The progressive Muslim community should take actions to get rid of their extremist perspectives and co op with the public society.

Even though the Sinhalese nationalist concept cannot defeat the Covid 19 pandemic, Sinhalese community has many other things to worry about instead of thinking about racism. On one side there is an ethnic enemy who acts as a carrier of the virus. On the other hand there are doctors who do not belong to any kind of medical science but they claim that they can treat the Covid 19 patients like magicians. One such example is the doctor Eliyantha White who treats patients through miracles. Mr. Dhammika Dhanapala, the producer of the Covid syrup with the guidance of God Kali is also looking forward to treat the Covid 19 patients. Another important current problem faced by the citizens in Sri Lanka is whether to burry Muslim Covid 19 deaths in Sri Lanka or Maldives. That can be shown as the newest vaccine which was given to anesthetize the Sinhalese community. 

Sri Lankans should act as a knowledgeable community to win the challenge of Covid 19 pandemic. For that they should try to find solutions via scientific methods. There is no issue whether it happens through indigenous medicine or western medicine. If the citizens try to wander around testing different types of fake doctors and medicines, the country will not need specific infertility pills. It is the responsibility of all the communities who expect the well being of disciplined civilization to force the democratic institutions in the country for taking actions against the prevailing pandemic. Then only the social, political and economical conflicts raised due to the pandemic can be solved in a proper way.

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