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Is Poetry a Solitary Expression for Ethnic Peace?

Kapila Kumara Kalinga Ethnic unity is a popular theme among writers and other artists in Sri Lanka, like in the case of many other countries affected by ethnic conflicts. A large number of creations have been made in the Sinhala, Tamil and English languages around this. These include dramas, teledramas and cinema. In this text, […]

Aggression? Pluralism? The Cave of Valli!

Kalavarshni Kanakaratnam The famous Kataragama Murugan Temple where people of all ethnicities congregate without religious differences is in the Kataragama Division in Moneragala District of Uva Province. This division has a population of about 26,000 people of the three main races. Murugan is a Tamil, Hindu God. But Buddhists and some followers of Islam also […]
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Are Sri Lankan newspapers neutral?

Jemsith The newspaper sector is service based.  Without being submissive to anyone, it should function independently; express its views bravely, condemn the injustices, law-breaking and human rights violations in the country and stand by the law. This sector is considered the fourth pillar of a democratic society.  Does the media, who are supposed to be […]

Jaffna. Traditions combined in a bullock cart ride

Sudarshini Muthulingam It was after lunch on a Sunday, which meant it wasn’t one of the fast-moving days, and I was browsing through my phone when I received a call. “Let’s go and see the bullock cart race at Vadukkottai.” Said that familiar voice and I agreed without hesitation. Thus, began our afternoon. If we […]

Oxygen : The Ultimate Lifesaver

Kamanthi Wickramasinghe The COVID-19 pandemic has tightened its grip on neighboring India and many citizens keep succumbing to the deadly virus due to the lack of medical oxygen. Latest reports state that more people are in need of medical oxygen due to shortness of breath but oxygen supplies are running out. With more states imposing […]