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Trump Shut Away by American Media for Spreading Fake News.

M.S Ameen Hussain

Today many of those in the media, without any proper verification, believe to be true all lies and anything else other than truth, said by important and popular politicians and the clergy or those in other sectors, and think it is their duty to publish them.  For these media people, American media has set an example. The journalists, Chief Editors of Media Establishments and Directors of News Organisations while doing their duties should always be intelligent and efficient in distinguishing between truths and lies.

Stage should not be set for both politicians and others with policies that have personal gains in the background to spread fake news or materials that may induce religious or political violence to create tension and fear among the people of the country and for them to evolve as king-makers.  When American Presidential Election results were announced, President Trump who was on the losing side and could not bear the defeat, tried to mislead the people and disrupt the counting. Policy of some American media at this time can be cited as an example for worldwide media to follow.

Democratic Party candidate Joseph R Biden won the American Presidential Elections held on 3rd November 2020 to become the 46th President of America.  In the last election, Biden won 290 seats out of 538 in America, that is supposed to be one of the powerful nations in the world.  One has to win 270 out of the 538 seats to become President of America. The target of 270 seats must be from 435 representatives of the Electoral Colleges, 100 Senators and 03 member constituencies in Columbia state.

An American Citizen of Indian origin and a lady, Kamala Harris of the same party is elected as Vice President.  In the political history of America, this is the first time a lady is elected as its vice-president.

The 270 seat victory is based on the number of Parliamentary seats won by party members of the respective presidential candidate which is considered as the number of seats won by the presidential contestant.  This system is not similar to the one Sri Lanka which is based on a number of seats.  438 Members of Parliament and 100 Senators are elected in this election.  From the number of members elected to Parliament and Senate from the respective parties of the main contenders is considered as votes for President’s victory.

In this context, Republican Party candidate Donald Trump, the incumbent President who contested Joseph Biden, was able to win only 214 seats. Even if he wins the 54 seats, the result for which is pending, he will not be able to get 270 seats. His Presidential dream will be shattered. On 20th January 2021, Biden will take oaths as President. However, the number of seats he won until midnight on 8th November 2020 was 290 and polled more than 75.1 million votes.  At the same time Donald Trump who won 213 seats and lost the election polled about 70 Million votes.

As the Election results were announced it was confirmed Trump was losing.  In his capacity as the incumbent President, he tried to gain popularity through media by claiming that the election was rigged because results of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada and Florida still pending.   Using the media, he made a big allegation that his votes were stolen by Biden’s party.

Over the media, he tried to say that on Court Orders announcement of election results for Georgia, a state where he had high hopes is to be stopped and he had permission for a recount.  NBC that was broadcasting this information, stopped it midway when it found that there was no truth in it.

When media was announcing Biden’s victory, Trump’s lawyer raised the question “Without the election results still not announced how could the media announce Biden’s victory.  Who ordered to media to announce like that?”.  We come to know that with this rest of the media over 10 of them stopped publishing Trump’s news.  At that stage, one of Trump’s officials called CBS News Service by telephone and requested them to telecast the said news.  “The establishment declined to do so, saying that they were closed because all of them were tired and not of the staff were present,” said Karl King, a Senior Columnist in the establishment in his Twitter posting.

Joseph R Biden, the new President-to-be was born in 1942.  In the history of the American Presidency, this is the first time a very elderly person is elected as President.  Biden is now 78 years old.  In 1966 he married Neeliya Hunter who died in 1972.  Again in later in 1976, he married Jill Jacob.  Biden who is the father of four children now was the Vice-President of Democratic Party from 2009 to 2017.  From 1973 to 2009 he was a Senator.  When Barak Obama became President in 2008 Biden was the Vice-President.

The United States of America, Leader of Single World Order and Chief of the world powers is now under the leadership of Biden.  We have to wait and see how he fares.

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