November 28, 2021




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To be treated by all citizens Ethnic Conflict is a Disease

SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT ‘Sri Lanka’s economy is yet to recover from a protracted thirty-year war, and this year Sri Lanka has suffered further setback by the


Natural Disasters Take Much Away From Us Our Humanity Was Not Carried Off in the Floods

KARUNARATHNA GAMAGE They knew that swimming in the floods that took even massive tuskers away was not an easy feat. But they had no alternative but to jump


Returning to Church after Easter Sunday Kochchikade Devotees Defeat the Devil:

SAMAN MANKKAARACHCHI The aftermath of the Easter Sunday attacks were devastating. Moreover, the attacks intended to cause fear and disharmony, similar to


An Argument for Communism Isolation Makes Us Selfish

KALAVARSHNY KANAGARATNAM In conversation with social activist Pradeep Pushpakumara on people’s attitudes during the COVID-19 outbreak. The impact of


In Conversation with Veddah Chief Wannila Aththo Towards a meritocracy in Sri Lanka

GAYAN YADDEHIGE Wanaspathi Uruwarige Wannila Aththo is the present leader of Sri Lanka’s tribe of indigenous people called Veddahs. Wannila Aththo


Singing the National Anthem Where is the Tamil Identity?

MELANI MANEL PERERA KARTHIKESU KAMALARANI A dialogue on the new policy to sing the National Anthem in Sinhala only On February 4th is Sri Lanka’s


From Kerala to Kandy Granny was a Feminist

JEEVANI SINNIAH The story of Winifred Jacobs who travelled from Kerala to Kandy in the 1800s My great-grandmother Winifred Jacobs aka Granny (front row,


Ven. Walawahengunaweve Dhammarathana Thero speaks: Reconciliation is Everyone’s Responsibility

UPUL THAMMITA Chief Incumbent of Mihintale temple talked to The Catamaran about his personal experiences on working for reconciliation Chief Incumbent of


Words that brought me back to life: “Your baby is alive!”

SARANYA SUBRAMANIYAM Latha lost 4 children and her husband in the 2004 Tsunami. This is her story. I was standing on the brink of despair as my entire


In Conversation with Dr. Panneerselvam “The People Must Put an End to This”

TUSANTHAN VAYIRAMUTHTHU ‘In this country, when everyone thinks they are Sri Lankans by giving the first place to humanity and humanism and bring an end to

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