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Women in Terror and Women in Peace (Part IV)

Dhanushka Silva  Social institutions continue to be largely male-dominated and patriarchal. Hence, social responses regarding female participation in certain issue areas and instances have been discouraging. Interestingly, men, as well as women, have at times discouraged females from voicing out various concerns. For example, the Muslim Women’s Research and Action Forum

Women in Terror and Women in Peace (Part III)

Dhanushka Silva While peace negotiations were taking place in Sri Lanka during the war, civil society adopted a different approach to ensure that their concerns were on the table and reached affected communities at the grassroots level. The Suriya Women’s Development Centre (Batticaloa); Muslim Women’s Research and Action Forum (Kalmunai and Colombo), and Sarvodaya were

Women in Terror and Women in Peace (Part II)

Dhanushka Silva On the topics of sex work as a result of the impacts of war, there was disturbing evidence of a village in the ‘Madhu’ area which was infamously noted for sex work which resulted from the lack of male family members or incomes, which simply meant that there were no other means of […]

Women in Terror and Women in Peace (Part I)

Dhanushka Silva “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” William Ross Wallace For many Sri Lankans like me, this proverb is not merely metaphorical. It is very much a materiality as Sri Lankan history evinces evidence of women playing an instrumental role in different aspects of social life. There […]
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The unresolved problem of the displaced persons

Neville Uditha Weerasinghe Three persons, including MP Rishad Badurdeen, were re-remanded on 10th November 2020 until November 13th. Colombo Fort Magistrate Priyantha Liyanage said when the case was summoned again, the request for the suspect’s release on bail would be reconsidered at the next hearing. – Ada Derana The charge against former Minister Badurdeen was […]