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Freedom of expression and fundamental rights Peace and Reconciliation

The Thousand Rupee Demand & the Reality: The Prospects of Plantation Workers

Malliyappusandi Thilakan Since 2015, the plantation workers of Sri Lanka have been demanding a daily pay hike up to Rs.     1,000, and it seems they have finally achieved it. The government ordered plantation companies to increase the salary up to Rs. 900 and further Rs. 100 as overtime.   The plantation companies have taken […]
Peace and Reconciliation

War, the Writer, and Humanity

Kapila Kumara Kalinga  “Tasteful writing” is an often-used term in journalism. It refers to writing that captivates the reader in a way that an article can be read in a single breath. Tasteful writing can be achieved through both a simple and smooth use of language as well as in an idiom that is rich […]
Freedom of expression and fundamental rights Peace and Reconciliation

Commission for compensating political reprisal and the future of reconciliation

Priyantha Karunarathna President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa appointed a three-member Presidential Commission to look into alleged political victimization of public servants during the period from January 8, 2015, to November 16, 2019. The Commission was chaired by retired Supreme Court Judge Upali Abeyratne and comprises Retired Appeal Court Judge Daya Chandrasiri Jayatilleka and