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Peace and Reconciliation

Child Mind Affected by Communal Violence

Sampath Deshapriya Society has started to discuss the crisis the younger generation is facing today due to Covid-19. The problems faced by the children include limited mobility, closure of schools, and stress caused by online education. Latest reports indicate that child abuse has increased by 40% during the pandemic. 20% of the boys and 10% […]
Peace and Reconciliation

Bird Master’s Peace Mission with Parrots

Gayan Yaddehige “Sri Lanka is a multinational country where people of all religions live. They all have their own unique cultures. That makes a unique diversity in the country. How happy could we be if we all can accept that diversity without racial and religious divisions? But unfortunately, our impatience with diversity overwhelms us occasionally. […]
Peace and Reconciliation

Media Activism and the Conflict in Sri Lanka

Sunil Jayasekara In examining the 30-year conflict that ravaged Sri Lanka, it is instructive to probe into and explore its impact on media institutions and journalism. In 1948, Sri Lanka was granted independence on a multicultural platform.  At the time, only the Kandyan Highland had demanded a separate administration. By contrast, Tamils and Muslims acquiesced […]