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Job loss and Corona

P. Kirubhakaran The effect of Covid-19 is spreading all over the world uncontrollably.  It has crushed the global economy and has locked down the whole world. There is no escape from the virus for both rich and poor countries. The virus has already claimed over 4 million lives while turning the lives of millions of […]

People Reluctant to Buy Fish in the East

V. Sakthivel Fishermen fighting for their livelihoods “I have been in the seafood business for over 20 years, having been in Kaluthavalai. At present people do not come to me to buy fish as some dead sea creatures are being washed ashore, after a ship burnt in the Western seas of Sri Lanka. My business […]

A Story from Arugam Bay Tourism is Recovering

A.M.FAIS Arugam Bay, a key tourism hotspot in Sri Lanka was affected economically after the Easter Sunday attacks, affecting the livelihoods of many local establishments for over 3 months. Since of late however, the situation has been improving. The Catamaran spoke with business owners in the area to find out more. “For the past three […]