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Tackling hate speech and fake news

The debate on the disposal of COVID-19 dead bodies and social media

A letter, which was written by Ceylon ThawheedJamaath was widely shared in social media. The letter thanked the government for approving burials of the dead bodies of the Muslim COVID-19 patients. Several groups held press conferences to express their views on this letter, and the issue was on headlines in several newspapers. Many politicians expressed their […]
Peace and Reconciliation

How to write features?

The role of the media in people’s perception is enormous. We all agree on this. The media has the power to dominate people’s thoughts and opinions. If we guide the media properly it is tantamount to guiding people. Media must develop and maintain the basic ethical guidelines – truthfulness, accuracy, and fairness. The media also […]
Tackling hate speech and fake news

Let’s face hate speech!

What is hate speech? The United Nations Strategy and Action Plan on Hate Speech defines what hate speech is as follows. “Any communication in the form of offensive, pejorative or discriminatory language that refers to an individual or a group and attacks on the basis of their religion, race, nationality, caste, color, lineage, gender or […]