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Hate speech

Controversy over Athaulla’s outfit

‘What is the dress Aththaulla is wearing?  This cannot be admitted.’ ‘This member has come dressed as if going to Parliament in Afghanistan or Pakistan.’ ‘We will remove our shirts.  Ask him to go out.’ These were the unusual voices that resonated during the Parliamentary sittings on 22nd of last September. On that day the dress […]
Hate speech

Fake news – The latest threat in Sri Lanka!

‘Fake news’ has emerged as one of the biggest threats facing the world today. Claire Wardley, an American researcher on misinformation, points out that fake news has created a new world disorder.   Sri Lanka is no exception. According to ‘We are social’ organization’s January 2020 figures, there are 6.4 million social networking users in Sri Lanka, […]
Hate speech

The Discussion of Covid 19 and Burial

Different violent ideologies against Muslim Communities were established several years after the civil war in Sri Lanka. Sinhala religious activists such as Bodu Bala Sena and their activities too contributed to arouse those violent ideologies in people’s minds. Violent ideologies against Muslim communities in Sri Lanka grew faster after the Easter attack on
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Covid 19 Pandemic and Reconciliation

Covid 19 pandemic is spreading all over the world creating many other pandemics. Racism, localism, indigenous rivalry, fake information and mythical beliefs are the other pandemics arisen with Covid 19. Those pandemics are spreading hand in hand around the world along with Covid 19.   Covid 19 was originated in Wuhan, China. As it started […]
Hate speech

Let’s face hate speech!

What is hate speech? The United Nations Strategy and Action Plan on Hate Speech defines what hate speech is as follows. “Any communication in the form of offensive, pejorative or discriminatory language that refers to an individual or a group and attacks on the basis of their religion, race, nationality, caste, color, lineage, gender or […]

How to write features?

The role of the media in people’s perception is enormous. We all agree on this. The media has the power to dominate people’s thoughts and opinions. If we guide the media properly it is tantamount to guiding people. Media must develop and maintain the basic ethical guidelines – truthfulness, accuracy, and fairness. The media also […]